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Steam Platform Free Download

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  • Version: v60.0
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  • Last Update: July 13, 2017

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Steam Platform Free Download

Steam is a game platform offered by the Valve Corporation that gives players access to thousands of games through their PC, Mac or Linux computers. Users can purchase games through Steam, plus organize all their games for a complete gaming experience. Games and other related media content are distributed online. Once installed, users can automatically manage the software across all their computing devices. Steam offers community features like a functional chat board, friends, and group lists, plus in-game voice to enhance the game playing experience.


Steam Key Features

    • Steam Store – The Steam Store is a digital place to purchase computer games. Once the game is purchased, the software license is permanently associated with the user’s account on Steam. This allows Steam members to transfer the download of any game they purchase to any compatible device they own.
Steam Store Screenshot

Steam Store Screenshot

    • Gifts – Part of the Steam Store feature is the ability to purchase games, and then offer them to other players, friends, or family members. To guard against those who abused the opportunity, all games purchased as gifts must be delivered immediately. This prevents the unethical stockpiling of games to generate a profit.


    • Player Reviews – In 2013, Steam began to allow player reviews of games. The review system is set up where all users can rate these reviews on helpfulness. This feature means that the most thorough reviews are included on the Steam user review page. Users can sort feedback based on various criteria as they search for games to purchase.


    • Steam Guard – Initially there were some issues with Valve being hacked by unscrupulous types. In March 2011, developers enacted the Steam Guard feature to guarantee privacy and security for their users. Steam Guard allows Steam users to lock their account to a particular computer.This means that all access to this account must be coordinated through the user’s designated system. Steam Guard employs two-factor authentication through a Steam mobile app called Steam Guard Mobile Authentication.


    • Steam User Interface – Late in 2013, Steam opened the door for users to review Steam titles and organize all their game purchases into personalized categories. This user interface added additional features, namely the ability to add games purchased outside the Steam platform to these same categories.


    • The Big Picture – The Big Picture mode is a 10-foot user interface that will allow users to optimize their gaming experience on high-definition televisions. Users can still control their Steam games with a keyboard, mouse, or gamepad.


    • Steam for Schools – Steam for Schools does limit some of the functionality on the Steam platform. However, it is a free option for any educational institution, allowing them to bring educationally based games into the classroom.


Steam Platform Development

The development process for Steam started in early 2002. It was a result of an ongoing problem Valve Corporation was having when the updated their games. They would lose users for a brief period, which was frustrating to both the developers and the game players. The public received the first view of Steam at the Game Developers Conference in March 2002, with the initial beta test phase announced in January 2003.

Over the next decade, Steam would announce a storefront, enhanced security features, and the ability to include outside game purchases in personalized user categories. It is estimated that Steam is the largest digital game distribution venue in the world, handling around 75% of the market space. Steam has over 125 million regular users and produces over 15% of the worldwide PC game sales each year.

Steam Summary

Steam offers a number of games, including some free options; where users can organize their gaming experience however they like. They have implemented some of the best security features in the gaming industry to protect their users. Steam is one of the most personalized gaming platforms on the market, which allows users to expand their game experience to an exciting big screen environment.

Download Steam Platform Free Download

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System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP

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