Overwatch Practice Range

Practice Range

Play against practice bots to build experience with each hero and learn their abilities before taking them on the battlefield.

Overwatch Player VS AI

Player VS AI

Get to know the different maps and fight against AI opponents. Use different Heroes to better understand how they work in a live firefight.

Overwatch Quick Play

Quick Play

Go head to head with other players within your experience level. This is a perfect way to get a feel for the game before going into a full competitive mode.

Overwatch Custom Game Mode

Custom Game

In this game, you mode you get to control several aspects of the match. Choose which Heroes can compete as well as what abilities can be used.

Overwatch Arcade Mode


Arcade is fun and experimental type of game mode. Play unique matches with seasonal rules and new rewards each week.

Overwatch Competitive Game Mode

Competitive Play

Put your skills to the ultimate test in the full Competitive game mode. Here you will climb the ranks and compete on the world stage, collect rewards and upgrade skills.