What is Kodi?

Consider Kodi to be your ultimate media player and entertainment hub. Watch movies and TV shows, play music and browse your photos. Record live TV, browse for Add-ons and even browse the internet.

Kodi Movies


Kkodi makes playing your favorite movies easy. Import and play any type of media file, or you can browse online streamable content.

Kodi TV

TV Shows

Use the TV library to store your favorite TV series. Browse by episode and pick up where you left off every time.


Kodi gives you the ultimate control over your music library and can play most popular file formats such as MP3, Flac, WAV and WMA.

KODI Add-Ons


Probably one the most powerful features of Kodi is the vast assortment of Add-ons. Browse through the library of free application and web services.

KODI Photos


Kodi is great way to display your photo albums. Browser your photo library or create stunning slideshows to be views on the big screen.

Kodi Skins


Kodi is completely customizable. Browse through the many Kodi skins available and choose the theme that suits you the best.