House Party

Welcome to the party! House Party is a choice based, 3D party simulation game where you play out different scenarios at a debaucherous house party. Complete puzzles and tasks to progress in the game and unlock sequence all while smooth talking to all the ladies and trying not to get you @ss kicked. Too much reality? You haven't seen anything yet, believe me.

Meet Madison

Madison is the lovely host of the party. Get on her good side and you will be taken care of.

Meet Patrick.

You that guy at the party who is way too waster for his own good? Well, that's Patrick...Nuff said.

Your Inventory

This is where you will store any items you acquire along the way. Also, you can perform actions from this window.

Meet Ashley

Ashley is Madison's sister, you may want to get to know her a bit better. She may put up a stone wall at first.

Party Goers

WHy is that at every house party people naturally gravitate to the kitchen? This party is no different.

Then There's Frank

Frank is the guardian of the booze, he's also the bad ass brawler. You will likely find him beating people to a pulp at the party.